A+ Scholarship Program

A+ Schools Program is a plan for the future of our students and our communities!

A+ Builds:

School & Community Support

Parent Involvement

Business & Industry Partnerships

A+ Addresses Current Industry Needs:

Companies need a new kind of employee; one with skills in problem-solving, communication, and high math skills; one who understands teamwork and technology.

Over half of new jobs being created today will not require a four-year college degree, but will require education and/or training beyond high school.

Goals of an A+ School

The three goals of the program will ensure that all students:

1) Graduate from High School

2) Complete studies that are challenging and have identified learning expectations

3) Proceed from high school to a college, technical school, or a high wage job with workplace skill opportunities

Student Requirements

to Receive A+

1) Attend a designated A+ School for three consecutive years prior to graduation

2) Maintain a 95% rate of attendance

3) Have a 2.5 minimum grade point average

4) Complete 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring in a school setting

5) Maintain good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol

6) Make a good faith effort to obtain Federal Financial Aide (complete FAFSA form)

Students who have met the above criteria, may be eligible to receive tuition, certain fees, and up to 50% of books paid for while attending a Missouri Community College, Vocational/Technical School as a full-time student and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher.*

*Pending Legislative Funding

Everyone Wins with A+

Students Will Win:

*Sound academic skills

*Appropriate technical skills

*Develop basic skills through rigorous academic programs

*Eligible for tuition reimbursement

*Opportunity for higher wages and better job security

Parents Will Win:

*Reduced education costs

*Children want to stay in school

*Children will be better prepared to be successful

Employers Will Win:

*A better-educated work force

*Employees with problem-solving and teamwork abilities

Colleges Will Win:

*Students will be better prepared

*Less time spent on remedial programs

*More time for increasingly technical programs

Missouri Will Win:

*A more efficient educational system

*Workers will be better trained

The A+ Schools Program is a school-improvement initiative established by the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993. The program is raising academic standards, opening new doors to higher education and introducing students to the teaching profession through tutoring and mentoring activities.

Paris R-II High School is committed to student success. The faculty and staff recognize that changes in curriculum are needed to meet the needs of our students and to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and competencies they will need to thrive in the twenty-first century.

For More Information, contact:

Lisa Youse: A+ Coordinator

Lisa Youse: High School Counselor

Paris R-II High School

25686 Bus. Hwy. 24

Paris, MO 65275

660-289-0970 x 5072

The A+ Schools Program is administered by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.